Full Lash Kit

230.00 Final price including VAT.

The Full Lash Kit by Eye lashes for you is an ideal choice for every professional, it has all the materials and tools you need to make your placements. Our materials as well as our products are characterized both by their flawless and neat appearance and by their high quality.

All our products have gone through specialized quality control.

The Full Lash Kit includes everything you need for all applications:

  1. case 20C mix 22 rows
  2. cashmere lashes 0,07 C mix 22 lines
  3. cashmere lashes 0,05 C mix 22 lines
  4. cashmere lashes 0,05 12C 22lines
  5. Cashmere lashes 0,05 11 C 22 lines
  6. lash foam 150ml
  7. black rose 5ml
  8. primers 15ml
  9. cream remover 15g
  10. 2 tweezers
  11. 100 microbushes
  12. 50 lashes brushes
  13. 50 pcs. brushes
  14. 20 patches
  15. tape

The product is intended for professionals only.

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